Element OS - An Ubuntu Based Distro For HTPCs

Element OS is a 32 bit Xubuntu based distro for HTPCs(Home Theatre PCs). It maintains compatibility with Ubuntu repositories. It uses the Advanced Packaging Tool(APT) with Element's own custom repositories and the Ubuntu repositories. Element OS also incorporates the AllMyApps software center to allow additional applications to be downloaded.

Technology And Functionality
  • Element employs a customized Xfce interface with similar full-screen windowing effects seen on netbook and mobile interfaces such as the Ubuntu Netbook Remix.
  • Element OS comes with XBMC Media Center by default. And you can always install other media center applications like Boxee, Moovida or Hulu.
  • The default installation of Element OS also comes with VLC media player, Brasero disc burner and the Transmission bittorrent client.
  • There is a interesting pictorial representation of the technology behind Element OS. 
  • Thats it. GNU + Linux + Debian APT + Xubuntu = Element OS. 
  • At its core, EETV HTPC has a AMD Phenom X3 2.4 GHz CPU, Palm-Sized Wireless Keyboard  and Touchpad, 1000 GB Hard Drive (SATA 3.0 Gb/s), 2 GB of RAM (Dual-Channel, DDR2 800), NVIDIA GeForce 8200 Video Card, 20X DVD±RW and a dual-layer writer.
Download Element OS
  • Element OS is available for free download here.
  • Alternatively you could also buy the Element OS Live CD from here.
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