GnoMenu - An Incredible Menu Application For Ubuntu Gnome

The default menu application in Ubuntu is functional, but it is also down to earth basic. GnoMenu tries to replicate the looks and functionality of KDE's Menu application. And I have to say, it almost does. GnoMenu comes with a number of themes and a easy to use configuration menu. Looks like it deserves a try isn't it? Let's give it a shot.

What's the USP?
  • GnoMenu looks pretty. Period.
  • A nice looking configuration menu with a lot of options which is intuitive as well.
  • GnoMenu's XML theme engine supports a wide variety of themes, even those with transparency effects.
  • Latest GnoMenu 2.8 brings in a lot of improvements especially with regard to speed and usability.
  • After using GnoMenu for a day, it felt really solid and fun to use. Definitely worth a try, I would say.
How to Install GnoMenu in Ubuntu Lucid, Karmic using GnoMenu PPA?
  • GnoMenu PPA will give you the latest updates and changes. Lets see how to install GnoMenu in Ubuntu from PPA.
  • To add GnoMenu PPA, copy-paste the following command into Terminal (Applications - Accessories - Terminal).
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gnomenu-team/ppa
  • Now update repositories and install GnoMenu from GnoMenu PPA.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gnomenu
  • Done.
How to Enable GnoMenu?
  • Right click on the desktop panel(above or below) and select Add to Panel. And then simply select the GnoMenu application and click ADD.
  • Done. Now launch the GnoMenu application and feel the difference.