Stunning New Eco Theme Takes The Total Count of Bisigi Themes For Ubuntu to 14!

Bisgi themes just won't stop improving. They stunned everyone before with their incredible collection of themes downloadable via bisigi PPA. Now a new theme called ECO is released which for me is the best so far. Another important USP of Bisigi themes is that, they include everything. From login window theme, to icon theme to metacity theme to everything else. You get a unified integrated experience.

Quick Look At The Screenshots of Different Bisigi Themes

How To Install Bisigi Themes in Ubuntu Lucid, Karmic Using Bisigi PPA?
  • Open Terminal (Applications - Accessories - Terminal) and copy-paste the following line into Terminal.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bisigi && sudo apt-get update
  • Now, Install all new ECO theme. Just copy-paste the following command in Terminal.
sudo apt-get install eco-theme
  • Done. There you have it, the stunning new ECO theme.
  • But if you want to install all the 14 themes in one go, here is what you need to do.
sudo apt-get install bisigi-themes
  • Now, if you don't want to install all the 14 themes initially, here are the commands to install them individually. Preview the themes here.
AquaDreams:              sudo aptitude install aquadreams-theme
Ubuntu Sunrise:          sudo aptitude install  ubuntu-sunrise-theme
Bamboo-Zen:              sudo aptitude install bamboo-zen-theme
Step into Freedom:     sudo aptitude install step-into-freedom-theme
Tropical:                sudo aptitude install tropical-theme
Exotic:                  sudo aptitude install exotic-theme
Balanzan:                sudo aptitude install balanzan-theme
Wild Shine:              sudo aptitude install wild-shine-theme
Infinity:                sudo aptitude install infinity-theme
Showtime:                sudo aptitude install showtime-theme
Orange:                  sudo aptitude install orange-theme
Ellanna:                 sudo aptitude install ellanna-theme
AirLines:                sudo aptitude install airlines-theme
  • Done. I have installed eco theme and it is now my favorite. Install the themes and let me know which is your favorite.
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