Cross Browser Script to Download YouTube Videos in High Quality from YouTube Itself

Back in the day, downloading YouTube videos (and anything that run on Flash) was simple as anything (at least in Ubuntu). It is not so anymore. But there is this really useful script to download YouTube videos in Ubuntu running Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera without much trouble and in a deeply integrated way. So, here is how it works.

Script to Download YouTube Videos in High Quality from YouTube Itself

YouTube Downloader Script for Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • A cross-browser script that adds a button (see screenshot above) to download YouTube videos as MP4 and FLV files. 
  • Script downloads the videos directly from YouTube. No need to copy-paste YouTube URL to some third-party websites or anything. 
  • Ability to download videos form YouTube in 720p(HD), 1080p(Full HD) and Normal 360p and 480p MP4 file formats (if available).
  • It integrates nicely with the YouTube interface.
Installing YouTube Downloader Script in Google Chrome
  • Things are rather simple with Google Chrome and Chromium.
  • In the top right corner, you will see the installation button. 
  • Script will be downloaded as an extension and you are good to go. 
Installing YouTube Downloader Script in Firefox
  • Now, simply click on the install button from top-right corner of Script download page (like as we did with Chrome). And you are done. 
  • Instructions on how to use this script on browsers other than Chrome or Firefox can be found on the same web page. 
Thanks to our reader and good friend Rajiv for the tip.