Macbuntu - Mac OSX Look and Feel for Ubuntu!

Macbuntu is a nice little script that can completely transform your Ubuntu and make it look like Mac OSX. There were other projects like Mac4Lin with similar goals before, but Macbuntu is way better performer in mimicking Mac OSX look and feel.

Macbuntu - Brilliant Transformation of Ubuntu into Mac OSX
Macbuntu does the job. Even the minutest details of a Mac is installed with much finesse. If you like playing around with the look and feel of your Ubuntu, Macbuntu is one script you definitely should try out. Though I have never really used a Mac before, I really liked Macbuntu and the way it transformed my desktop.

Another interesting thing about Macbuntu is that, it's not just a theme. Macbuntu installs a number of applications as well that include Global Menu, Docky, Ubuntu-Tweak, Cheese, Compiz Extras and even a revamped Login screen. Also, new Compiz effects are enabled by default and you will be asked to choose from a collection of Plymouth themes as well. Need more reason to try it out? Guess not.

Download and Install Macbuntu

  • Extract it. You will find file. Double click and select "Run in Terminal" option. Alternatively, you could cd into the Macbuntu-10.10 directory and run the script using the following command.
  • Done. Simply follow the script afterwards.
Uninstall Macbuntu
  • Author has provided a script to uninstall as well. Again, cd into the Macbuntu-10.10 directory and run the uninstall script using the following command.
  • Done. Give it a try and let us know your review of Macbuntu. [via Gnome-Look]
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