Chamba Swathanthra Cinema - India's First Open Movie Project Slowly Coming Alive

It seems Blender open movies have inspired quite a number of people. Chamba Swathanthra Cinema is an open movie project by a bunch of free software enthusiasts from Kerala, India. Chamba Swathanthra Cinema is probably first of its kind open movie project ever initiated by anyone other than Blender foundation.

Chamba Swathanthra Cinema

Chamba Swathanthra Cinema Project
Excerpts from the project website: "Why should anyone be denied knowledge and culture just because he cannot pay, especially when you don’t have any additional costs? Now most people will say if we give away cultural creations like music and movies for free, how would the artists live? Who will take care of their bread and butter."

"The existing culture of rewarding the artist with a monopoly for his creation was not the only way existed in history to support the artist. Before copyright came into prominence there were patrons for art and every king/queen supported artists."

"Another reason for granting monopoly was to allow costs of reproduction and transportation of cultural products to be recovered. Now with the arrival of electronic systems and internet, both of these costs are negligible compared to the initial cost. Before internet became so popular it was impossible for an artist to take his creation directly to the people."

"With freedom, comes responsibility. We have to come together as a community to make this possible. It has to be a collective effort and every one has a role to play. So join us today and do your part to free the culture!" [via Chamba Swathanthra Cinema Project]

Support Chamba Swathanthra Cinema Project
The project needs your help. Please visit PledgeBank and donate generously to the project. And don't forget to join project's Facebook Page and Twitter Profile and get regular updates. Please spread the word.

PS: Idea for the open movie project originated in the mailing lists of Free Software Users Group, Trivandrum. You can read the entire discussion at mailing list archives.