Divergence, Orta, Equinox - Three Awesome GTK Themes to Use With Faenza Icon Theme in Ubuntu

Themes for Ubuntu and Linux are truly coming of age. Without any doubt, Faenza icon theme is easily the best I have used in my Ubuntu. Here is a collection of three cool GTK themes namely Divergence, Orta and Equinox that are the best in my list of GTK themes to use with Faenza. We have already featured these themes in the 7 brilliant GTK themes post before. We will have a more detailed review here.

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Divergence - A New Hope GTK Theme

Divergence GTK theme
  • Divergence GTK theme is incredible. And things are a lot easier with the new installation script Divergence theme comes with. This configuration tool is actually a modified version of Orta GTK theme's config tool.
Divergence GTK theme ubuntu
  • Above is the configuration tool for Divergence GTK theme which will take you through the steps needed with ease. 'Divergence - A New Hope' is a must try.
Orta GTK Theme

Orta GTK Theme
  • Orta GTK theme is easily among *the* best themes for Ubuntu/GNOME. It feels so very sophisticated and yet again the simple configuration tool makes life much more easier.
  • Download Orta GTK Theme. Same as before, extract the downloaded file and run the following script - "OrtaSettingsManager.py".
Orta GTK Theme ubuntu
  • Orta configuration tool, though looks similar with the one used in Divergence above, is lot more elaborate and easy to use. And if you have installed Nautilus Elementary, don't forget to enable Nautilus Elementary with bread crumbs option in the config.
Equinox GTK Theme

Equinox GTK Theme
  • Equinox has long been my favorite GTK theme to use with Faenza icon theme and arguably the most simple of the lot. But things have changed since Divergence and Orta took the competition to the next level.
  • Installing Equinox in Ubuntu is easy using the following PPA.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tiheum/equinox && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-equinox equinox-theme equinox-ubuntu-theme
  • The above PPA for Equinox theme contains the Faenza Icon theme as well which makes Equinox + Faenza theme combination the most easy to install and use. 
Gone are the days when Equinox and Faenza had virtually no competitors. Divergence and Orta themes are absolutely outstanding. I am not able to pick one from the three yet, each one is beautiful in its own way. Hope you all are as confused as myself ;-)

And if you are somehow fed up with Faenza icon theme in Ubuntu, try something dramatic like Elegant GNOME Theme pack for a change. Have fun.