Impressive New Look Evolution Mockups

In Linux, a lot of design makeover starts with a mockup. We have already experienced it first hand with the clever redesign of Nautilus called Nautilus Elementary. The following Evolution mockups are so impressive that I really hope someday these changes will be implemented in Evolution partially at least.

The Evolution of Evolution
I am not much of a mail client user, I would rather check my mails directly from browser itself. But whenever a newbie comes to Linux, one of the first thing they ask is the availability of a Microsoft Outlook alternative. And I would point them to Evolution though I have never really used it at all. May be its because I don't know how useful mail clients are.

Anyways, for those of you looking for a better mail client in vanilla Ubuntu should closely watch these Evolution mockups and the development that is going to happen(hopefully) to implement these awesome improvements.

Even a non user of Evolution like me finds these mockups absolutely impressive. Lets just hope that, at least some of these changes will eventually find its way into Evolution. Read and discuss more about these Evolution mockups at afaik blog.