Rainbowstream: Fun to use Terminal based Twitter Client for Ubuntu & Linux

rainbowstream twitter client ubuntu

Rainbowstream is a fun little terminal based Twitter client for Ubuntu. It is similar to Twidge in so many ways and has every capability you expect from a basic Twitter client. 

Rainbowstream: A Twitter client can't get simpler than this
Compose, favorite, search, retweet or simply browse your stream, Rainbowstream has got you covered, and lets you do all that from a simple command line interface!

Setting up is easy. Ubuntu and Linux Mint users, do the following:
  • Install the dependencies first. Copy-paste the following command in Terminal. 
sudo apt-get install python-dev libsqlite3-dev
  • Done. Now do this, again in Terminal.
sudo pip install rainbowstream
  • Rainbowstream is installed all right. Done.
Configuring Rainbowstream
Now you need to configure your Twitter account to be used with Rainbowstream. There aint much to "configure", but here is it anyway. 
  • Run Rainbowstream from Terminal. Just type this and ENTER. 
  • Twitter will then ask whether you want to give permission to the app for accessing your account. Granting access will give you the code. Enter that in the Terminal. Done. 
  • Hit 'h' and ENTER, you'll get detailed help texts. Eg: Typing "t linux" (without quotes) tweets "linux" to your followers.
Note: Before writing this article, I revoked the app's access to my Twitter account in order to get take some nice screenshots. Well, that was a bad idea. Now whenever I try to run rainbowstream from Terminal I'm getting the following error: "We have maximum connection problem with twitter'stream API right now". Problem with Twitter's API I guess. I'll have to try it again after sometime. See also: cool-old-term, a retro styled Terminal which I was using in the first screenshot. [Thanks to @dtvd88 for the app and also for letting us know about it]