Linux Remote Control goes native on Android

linux remote control android

We have covered Linux Remote Control before which is a simple web based application for Android (and other devices that has support for HTML 5). It lets you "remote-control" Ubuntu abd other Linux based distros from your Android phone with ease. LRC for Android can now be installed from Firefox marketplace making the whole process so much smoother.

Linux Remote Control: Salient Features
  • Control the music/sound of your computer (play, pause, stop, mute, volume etc.)
  • Controlling videos from your computer (play, pause, mute, volume, fullscreen etc.)
  • Control your computer mouse (click and move).
  • Lock and unlock your computer screen.
  • Restart and shut down your computer.
  • Increase and decrease the brightness of your computer screen.
  • Control slides for presentations going back and forth.
  • Send custom commands to run on your GNU/Linux.
Installing Linux Remote Control (LRC) Server in Ubuntu
  • You need to install LRC server on the desktop like we have already described in detail in our previous post. Here's what you need to do.
  • For Ubuntu and other other Debian based distros, download the LRC DEB package and click to install it using Ubuntu Software Center (I prefer GDebi), simple as that.
  • OR You could use command line method as described in our previous post.
  • There were some warnings, but I chose to 'ignore and install' instead (it worked).
Installing Linux Remote Control (LRC) Client in Android
I already have LRC client on my Android and hence I didn't had to install it from Firefox Marketplace. Let me know how well it worked. See also: Linux Remote Control homepage.