Reditr - A Brilliant New Reddit Client for Desktops, Coming Soon to Ubuntu

Reddit clients for Android already exists in every size and shape. But things are a little bit different for desktops, especially Linux desktops. A few Reddit apps popped up during Ubuntu App Showdown contest, but even those were not good enough. Looks like Reditr, a new Reddit client for Linux, will be filling that void very soon.

Reditr Reddit Client for Ubuntu
Reditr: Brand New Reddit Client for Ubuntu, Mac and Windows [Screenshots]

reddit for ubuntu

reddit for linux

reditr - reddit client for ubuntu

reditr - top reddit client for ubuntu linux

reditr - reddit for ubuntu desktop

reditr - reddit client for ubuntu, mac and windows

reditr - awesome reddit client for ubuntu

Above screenshots taken by developer himself. As if you haven't noticed already, all the screenshots were taken while in Ubuntu. And don't worry, if the dark theme is not to your liking, there's a light theme as well. There is no official release of Reditr for desktops yet, but you can expect one very soon. Reditr is one project I'm really excited about.