TSF Shell 3D Released: Lots of Surprises in Store!

Surprise No.1: Jaw-dropping price tag. I mean, how often do you see an app in Android Market priced at a staggering $17 USD apiece! I have been very eagerly waiting for the release of TSF Shell 3D Android launcher ever since it was officially announced nearly 2 months ago. So I decided to give it a try even though the price seemed to be a bit steep. 

TSF Shell 3D Android Launcher

TSF Shell 3D Android Launcher
We have featured a number of really good Android launchers before, but TSF is quite different from all of them. It is unique in its approach and is not so simple to learn either. The issue is even further aggravated by the fact that, there are no clear set of instructions anywhere about TSF Shell 3D. But you have this awesome video, of course.

If not for this video, I would have asked for a refund for sure. TSF launcher works, even if it takes time to get used to. I was quite hesitant initially because of the experience I had with SPB Shell 3D Android launcher. I mean, there is nothing wrong with the launcher itself. It's just that I have a tendency to go back to simpler launchers all the time. 

Moreover, SPB Shell 3D felt a lot similar to the likes of LauncherPro, Go Launcher etc. in terms of functionality. But TSF Shell 3D is unlike anything you have seen yet. It is radically different in its approach and looks really pretty too. I have been using it for several hours now and it looks like I am going to use TSF Shell launcher quite often. 

I found the music widget to be quite buggy though (it is available in the Android Market separately). Flicking through your music collection is not as smooth as it should be. Hell, initiating Album preview itself seems tricky. Other than that, I am yet to find any major issues with TSF launcher. [TSF Music Widget, TSF Weather Widget]

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