TSF Shell Pro 3D Android Launcher - Could This be the App That Sets Charts on Fire?

TSF Shell Pro 3D is an Android launcher still under construction. From the initial looks of it, TSF Shell Pro 3D could just be the most awesome Android Launcher to date. In our earlier review featuring top launchers for Android, we saw simple, lightweight launchers like Launcher Pro to high profile, flamboyant ones like SPB Shell 3D. But from what I have seen so far, nothing comes anywhere near to what TSF Shell 3D launcher has to offer.

UPDATE: TSF Shell 3D Officially Released!!

TSF Shell Pro 3D Android Launcher Demo Video
Want to know why I am so excited about TSF Shell Pro 3D Launcher? Watch this.

UPDATE: TSF Shell 3D Officially Released!!

And that's TSF Shell for you. If that ain't 'launcher on steroids', what is? And it's reportedly running on HTC Desire HD, not a very high end Android device when compared to peers like Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus or HTC Sensation. If it can run that smooth in an HTC Desire HD, TSF Shell 3D might not be that resource hungry after all. I just hope that TSF Shell 3D launcher see the light of the day soon enough. Good luck to the devs.
[Source: TSF Shell website, thanks to our reader Jason for the tip!]

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