Aakash: World's Cheapest Android Tablet Goes on Sale, Sold Out in No Time!

Aakash is no iPad. It is cheap and specifications are not over the roof. But the kind of interest this little Android tablet has generated all over the world is nothing short of spectacular. With all the hype around, the most important thing as far as the Aakash Tablet manufacturers were concerned was the timely launch of the device. And they have delivered. Just around 2 months after the official announcement, Aakash tablet is now up for sale.
aakash tablet on sale

Aakash Tablet up for Sale!
India's ultra low-cost tablet has finally arrived. The 7" Android tablet was co-developed by Datawind and Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan to aid the adoption of technology in rural India. Aakash tablet is an integral part of India's aim to link 25,000 colleges and 400 universities in an e-learning program with an ultimate production goal of millions of units.

Datawind has kept its promise and has launched Ubislate7 in India, and the student version is it named as the Aakash tablet. Following is what makes the launch even more interesting. The team of engineers at Datawind has come up with the upgraded version of the Aakash tablet. This upgraded version of Aakash is called Ubislate 7. See specifications below.
aakash tablet specifications

As you can see, UbiSlate 7 is a pretty huge upgrade from basic Aakash tablet. It sports a Cortex A8 700Mhz processor(about twice as much processing power), larger 3200 mAh battery and runs a hugely improved Android 2.3 Gingerbread version. UbiSlate 7 tablet can also work as a normal mobile phone with added SIM and GPRS functionality.

How Much Does it Cost?
Now the key question is, with all the added features and specifications how much does both these tablets cost? The base version of Aakash tablet cost Rs.2500 while the upgraded UbiSlate 7 tablet cost just Rs.2999. At current exchange rates, the respective prices will be something like US$47.63 and US$57.14 in dollar terms. So you are paying a little extra for a whole lot more. One hell of a deal in my opinion.

Moreover, the base version of Aakash tablet was sold out immediately after its launch, quite understandable given the kind of hype and attention this device received. Then there is the upgraded UbiSlate 7 tablet available for pre-order worldwide right now. Ubislate 7 is expected to be launched in late January 2012. You can check the availability of both these Android tablets at the official Aakash Tablet website.