Chrome 15 is Now the World's Most Popular Web Browser!

Stupendous rate of Google Chrome adoption is not news anymore. But this is a defining moment. According to latest StatCounter statistics, 23.6 percent of the browsers tracked by StatCounter were Chrome 15 during the last weeks of November. Microsoft's IE 8 accounted for 23.5 percent of web browser market share in the same period, which means, Google Chrome 15 overtook IE 8 to become world's most popular browser for the very first time.

Chrome 15 Beats IE 8 to Become World's Most Popular Browser
During the last few weeks of November, market share of Google Chrome 15 web browser inched towards the top for the very first time. According to StatCounter statistics, Google Chrome 15 accounted for 23.6 percent of web browser market share compared to IE 8's 23.5 percent share. Even though it is just a 0.1 percentage difference, this event marks a remarkable shift in the end-user preferences in terms of web browsers they use.

But when you add up all versions of IE and Chrome, IE is still the browser to beat with over 40 percent of the market share. Overall, Google Chrome's market share stands at 26.31 percent while that of Firefox's stood at 25.07. Even that is a remarkable feat when you consider the fact that Microsoft's IE held almost 90 percentage of the web browser market share till mid-2000s and Google Chrome was non-existent before 2008.

Country specific statistics is quite different though. In the US IE 8 continues to be the most popular browser version with 27.0 percent market share for week commencing 5th December compared to 18.1 percentage share of Chrome 15. However, in the UK Chrome 15 overtook IE8 in the week commencing November 7th. Last week (commencing 5th December) Chrome 15 had 24.7 percent share in the UK compared to IE8's 21.1 percent.