Oil Rush RTS Game Becomes Ubuntu's Most Downloaded Paid App in Feb 2012

Linux is no stranger to high value paid apps. But gaming has always been Linux's Achilles heel. Things are slowly changing with the arrival of a number of top-notch games into Linux through Ubuntu Software Center. Software Center may not be an Android Market in terms of quality or quantity yet, but it is definitely on its way. Here are some really interesting statistics laid out by Canonical on app downloads from Ubuntu Software Center.

oilrush rts game for ubuntu

Top App Downloads for Ubuntu Software Center for Feb 2012
Fun fact: Games rule the show. Though Linux has always been an OS of choice for high-end servers, computer enthusiasts n' all, it has never been an OS of choice for everyday users until the arrival of distros like Ubuntu. Games form a good majority of app downloads in Ubuntu which in itself is a testament to the fact that, normal users are adopting Linux in huge numbers. Following is a list of top apps for Ubuntu with respective Software Center download links.

Top 10 Paid Apps for Ubuntu
  1. Oil Rush
  2. Fluendo DVD Player
  3. CoreBreach 
  4. Braid
  5. And Yet It Moves
  6. Fluendo Complete Playback Pack
  7. Uplink
  8. World of Goo
  9. Steel Storm: Burning Retribution
  10. TRAUMA
Top 10 Free Apps for Ubuntu