15 Most Creatively Designed Android Apps: Part 2

As I did promised earlier on, here is the sequel for the post that introduced you to some of most innovatively designed apps for Android. 15 more of them to be precise.

best designed android apps

Official TED app for Android was released just a day ago. It is a cleverly designed app with ingenious additions like option for listening to the TED speech instead of watching it (which is more bandwidth friendly). Must have app for all TED lovers.

 official ted app for android
Bump for android

Bump lets you share contact information and photos by simply bumping two phones together (both should have Bump installed of course and no music sharing supported at the moment).

Bump qrcode
TSF Shell 3D Android Launcher

I am not sure if this can be categorized strictly as an app, but TSF Shell 3D is surely one of the most innovatively designed Android launcher I have tried. A bit pricey though.

TSF Shell 3D
converter android

Convertr is a simple unit converter app for Android. 

converter android

CashTrack lets you to easily keep track of your money. Very handy app.

cashtrack qrcode
readitlater android app

Read It Later lets you save any web page or video on your phone, tablet, or browser to view later - even offline - in a neatly designed interface. 

readitlater qrcode
google+ app

Official Google+ app has impressed me from the day it was launched. Me being a regular Google+ user has a lot to do with this excellent Android app. Must try.

Google+ qrcode
pixlr-o-matic-android android

Pixlr-o-matic lets you add fun retro effects to your photos in a snap and transform your photos into cool looking vintage images. I always wondered how devs could give away such an awesome app for free. One of the most well-designed app. Period. 

Pixlr-o-matic qrcode
flightboard for android

Flightboard is an impressively designed app that lets you turn your Android device into the Arrivals and Departures board for any airport in the world. Highly rated, a bit pricey though.

flighboard qrcode

Any.DO is yet another todo app with nice polished interface. Syncing with Google is seamless.

skitch for android

Skitch lets you annotate an image with arrows, shapes and text. Neatly designed totally-fun app. And it is completely free too.
skitch qrcode

Feedly is simple *the* best feed reader application for Android. I am yet to find anything even close to Feedly in terms of design or functionality. Integrates with Google Reader, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook et al. And Feedly is completely free too.

feedly qrcode
Vlingo Android Voice Assistant

Vlingo is perhaps the most powerful voice-powered Virtual Assistant for Android. From sending texts and emails to updating your Facebook/Twitter status to checking in with Foursquare, Vlingo does it all effortlessly. Few other Siri alternatives for Android if you are interested. Vlingo is completely free to install and use.
Vlingo Android Voice Assistant
Google Maps is the best at what it does. Period. And its design is exemplary. Google Maps comes as default in most Android devices. And its entirely free. 

LBE Privacy Guard for Android

LBE Privacy Guard is a nicely designed app, no questions about it. But it is much more than that. The app protects your privacy by controlling the permissions of each application to access your sensitive data. It even blocks malicious operations by Malwares and Trojans. LBE Privacy Guard is a free app. It requires a rooted Android device though.

LBE Privacy Guard QRCode