N7 Music Player for Android is a Thing of Beauty

There are plenty of music player apps for Android. But one of the issues that plague most of the popular Android music players is the fact that, they all look more or less the same. There is virtually zero innovation on the UI front. N7 Music Player changes everything. It has got a unique, user-friendly and eyecandy interface that is unlike anything we have seen so far.

N7 Music Player for Android

N7 Music Player for Android
N7 Music Player features a rich, innovative 3D interface that visualizes your music as a single plane full of album covers. You can zoom in and out using multi-touch to see different views of your music. See this video to find out how it works.

Very creative isn't it? I have been using it for more than a week now and I believe N7 Music Player is a really worthy alternative to my favorite PowerAmp music player. And it's completely free too! Try N7 Music Player in your Android and let us know your feedback

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N7 Music Player

N7 Android Music Player