Android Market is Now Google Play, Play Shop Arrives in Android Replacing Market App

Ever since the Larry Page became the CEO, Google is on an aggressive consolidation mode. Google Play is the latest in a serious of such moves. Google intends to bring its movies, music, books and android apps under one umbrella via Google Play. Having said that, Google Movies, Music and Books services are currently available in US only. Hence this move might not be a significant one for a vast majority of us, at least in the short term.  

Android Market is Now Google Play

Google Play Arrives
Google is also celebrating the launch Google Play by offering a number of top apps and games for Android for a pittance. Offer include games such as Dead Space, World of Goo, Osmos HD, ShadowGun and apps such as Business Calendar, SoundHound, Paper Camera, SwiftKey X Keyboard, Camera ZoomFX to name a few. 25 apps and games in total.

Google Play Offer
As you will notice, is the new URL of re-branded Android Market. I for one was quite worried about all those QR Codes we have been using to link to specific Android Market pages, but they all seem working fine at the moment. Not only that, if you have recently tried to open Android Market app in your phone, Google Play prompt will pop up. And after the upgrade there won't be no Market app anymore. The new app is called Play Shop.

TSF Shell 3D

And if you are wondering, that is TSF Shell 3D launcher running on Android 2.3.3 powered Samsung Galaxy S2. Even with all that flashiness, TSF launcher works like magic.