KeepScreen: Free Android App You Can't Afford to Miss

KeepScreen for Android is an incredibly useful application. KeepScreen gives you the ability to block screen timeout when predefined applications are active. It may sound simple to you, but from the perspective of a pretty heavy Android user, I would say this makes the app a serious must-have. I think, KeepScreen should have been a stock Android app, nothing less. 

KeepScreen App Android

KeepScreen for Android
  • For an average smartphone user, screen timeout is an essential functionality. Bright displays drains battery quickly and screen timeout functionality keeps a check on it.
  • But there is catch. Take Google Maps for example. I use it often, especially while driving. I find screen timeout undesirable and annoying every time I use Google Maps.
  • Another example. Elders in my family love to see pictures of loved ones in my Android and screen time out while watching pictures is big time annoying, especially since many of them don't have any idea how to unlock the phone once the screen has timed out.
block screen timeout with keepscreen
  • And that's where KeepScreen comes into place. KeepScreen block screen timeout when predefined applications are active. Save your battery with short timeout but have great user experience with pre-selected "no timeout" apps. 
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