Beware: "Glassy" Future Ahead [Video]

Corning Incorporated may not be a familiar name to you, but Gorilla Glass should be. A good majority of today's high-end touch-screen smartphones comes with Gorilla Glass which acts as a scratch resistant and durable cover glass. Phones that comes with it include blockbusters like Samsung Galaxy SII and Galaxy Nexus. Corning Inc. are the makers of this tough, durable protective cover glass for displays that you see in most of those high end Android phones.

A Day Made of Glass 2 by Corning

A Day Made of Glass 2
A Day Made of Glass 2 is Corning's expanded vision for the future of glass technologies. A Day Made Of Glass was originally a 5 minute video produced by Corning for an annual investor meeting. It went viral and garnered some 18 million pageviews in YouTube. A Day Made of Glass 2 is kind of a sequel to the original. And it looks really pretty.

The whole thing looks nice and sophisticated but very creepy too. And this is not some fancy technology mockup that is never going to happen, this is real. Samsung is planning to release smartphones with flexible displays in 2012 itself and devices with transparent displays are not very far away either. Privacy could become the victim here. Let's wait and watch.