Osmo - Simple, Easy to Use Personal Organizer for Linux

Osmo is a handy personal organizer application for Linux. Feature list includes calendar, tasks manager, address book and notes modules. Osmo is comprehensive in its set of functionalities yet very easy to use and configure. In many ways, Osmo is as good or even better than Getting Things GNOME personal organizer application in my opinion.

Osmo Personal Organizer Linux

Osmo Personal Organizer for Linux
  • Functionalities include calendar, tasks manager, address book and notes.
  • Search capability for tasks and notes list.
  • Encrypted data backup.
  • Calendar marker for birthdays.
  • Addresses location on the map using Google Maps.
  • Alarm actions per task (commands, sounds, etc.)
  • Calendar integration with Tasks and Contacts modules.
Osmo Screenshots

Osmo Personal Organizer Ubuntu

Osmo Personal Organizer Ubuntu

Osmo Personal Organizer

How to Install Osmo Personal Organizer in Ubuntu?
  • Osmo is available with default Ubuntu repositories. Click Here to install Osmo in Ubuntu OR simply copy-paste the following line into Terminal.
sudo apt-get install osmo
  • Done. Now goto Applications - Office - Osmo. If you are using any Linux distro other than Ubuntu, visit Osmo homepage for more information.
Thanks to our reader and dear friend Aashiks yet again for the tip. On a last note, you might also want to check out this very handy collection of 6 Nautilus extensions and scripts as well.