Faenza 0.9 Released - Brings More Polish, New "Darkest" Theme & Lots More

Faenza icon theme is arguably *the* most beautiful icon theme for GNOME and also has support for the widest range of applications in Ubuntu GNOME. Faenza 0.9 was released a day ago and it brings in a number of major upgrades including a new "darkest" theme and many other openly visible as well as subtle changes.

faenza 0.9 ubuntu

What's New in Faenza 0.9?
  • A new "darkest" theme with status and actions icons both in light grey.
  • A wide bunch of old and new devices and actions in all sizes.
  • New supported applications: debian software center, deja-dup, dc++, dvdrip, GCStar, guake, haguichi, Me TV, meld, file manager, nautilus actions configuration tool etc.
  • New status icons for Cover Gloobus, Me TV, zim, guake, keepassx.
  • Highlight borders have been modified for all squared icons in 22x22 and 24x24.
  • All monochromes icons have been reworked for smoother contrast.
  • A new design for most of actions in 32x32 and above.
How to Install Faenza 0.9 Icon Theme in Ubuntu via PPA?
  • Simply do the following in Terminal(Applications - Accessories - Terminal).
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tiheum/equinox
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install faenza-icon-theme
  • Done. Now, if you are using any other Linux distro other than Ubuntu, you can manually download and install the Faenza 0.9 icon theme from Faenza deviantart page.
Hope you all liked the latest Faenza upgrade. If you ask me which are the best GTK themes that can be used along with Faenza icon theme in Ubuntu, I would say there are actually two of them. Equinox GTK Theme and Orta GTK Theme. Check them out and let us know which one is your choice of theme to be used with Faenza icons in Ubuntu. Have fun.