Beautiful Looking LibreOffice Splash Screen, A Must Try!

As you all should know by now, LibreOffice is already the new default office suite for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. You can even install latest LibreOffice in Ubuntu Maverick, Lucid easily via LibreOffice PPA by following the instructions here. Now, here is a very good looking and very creative LibreOffice splash screen that demands your attention.

libreoffice splash

Download and Install LibreOffice Splash in Ubuntu GNOME
  • Extract the downloaded file and then copy-paste 'intro.png' and 'about.png' into the following directory replacing the original files by the same name.
  • Now you need to edit 'sofficerc' file. Open Terminal and do the following first.
sudo gedit /etc/libreoffice/sofficerc
  • The configuration file 'sofficerc' will open in Gedit text editor now. You need to replace its text with the following one.
  • Done. Launch LibreOffice and feel the difference.
Hope you all liked this small yet beautiful modification of LibreOffice splash screen. You might want to check out this collection of impressive LibreOffice UI mockups as well.