Top 8 Newest GNOME GTK Themes Worth Trying Out

If you are a regular here, you must already know that posts relating to Linux desktop eyecandy corners a huge chunk of our daily dose of Ubuntu/Linux articles. On top of the classic and most popular GTK themes for Ubuntu/GNOME we have featured here before, here are a bunch of very new and very awesome GNOME GTK themes worth taking a look at. 

Minimum Suite Version 0.3 GTK Theme
Attack of Clones GTK Theme
devART GTK Theme
Naos Suite GNOME GTK Theme
Hope GTK Theme
Paranoid GNOME GTK Theme
WoW GTK Theme
Silent_Night_Suite GTK Theme
Atolm GTK Theme
Though all these themes are really good and very addictive, I have to admit that the themes I have been *regularly* using for the past 6 months or so have been the following three: Orta GTK Theme, Equinox GTK Theme and Elegant GNOME GTK Theme. Thank you all for reading Tech Drive-in and have a great weekend.