Easy Fix for Google Earth Crash While Startup in Ubuntu Maverick, Lucid

We have detailed the steps for installing Google Earth in Ubuntu already. One of the issues that popped up recently is the frequent crashing of Google Earth when you try to launch the app after installation in Ubuntu Maverick, Lucid. There is an easy fix for this.

Fix Google Earth Crash in Ubuntu Maverick, Lucid
  • Now you need to edit ~/.config/Google/GoogleEarthPlus.conf file. I am using gedit below to edit the file, you can obviously choose the editor of your choice.
gedit ~/.config/Google/GoogleEarthPlus.conf
  • Now, search for "enableTips" inside the conf file and if it exists, change its value from "true" to "false". If it does not exist, you need to add the following under "[General]" category.
  • Save and Exit. Done. Now try launching Google Earth in Ubuntu, all's going to be fine.
[via webupd8]