Top 15 Most Popular Posts For August 2010

GNOME Shell is Evolving Quite Beautifully
GNOME Shell is a new completely revamped user interface for GNOME. GNOME Shell brings a new window manager called Mutter which is a combination of Metacity and Clutter. This reportedly makes Compiz unnecessary(and incompatible too).

Gnome Shell

I was vaguely browsing through different Linux related videos in YouTube when I found out these incredible RedHat commercials. They are not just hard core RedHat commercials, they are more like advertisements for Free Software and Open Source in general. More over, these videos gives a glimpse of the kind of knowledge and expertise RedHat have on everything Linux and Open Source.

11 Biggest Open Source Success Stories That Are Changing The World As We Know It
According to Fortune, Open Source is slowly gaining acceptance in the corporate world. More and more corporates are beginning to see the merits of Open Source and have started embracing it. But all these changes didn't happened overnight. It was rather a painful journey. 'Sharing' was never a good thing for Corporates until recently. These changes were largely brought about by a string of Open Source success stories that happened over the years.

Open Source

Massive Changes Coming to Ubuntu 10.10 'Maverick Meerkat' Installer
Microsoft Windows comes pre installed with hardware in most of the cases and hence a vast majority of Windows users probably have't ever seen Windows installer. But that is not the case with Ubuntu. Only a handful of manufacturers sell pre installed Ubuntu hardware and hence the need for down to earth simple and eyecandy Installer. Take a look at the proposed changes with Ubuntu 10.10 'Maverick Meerkat' Installer.

OpenLuna - An Open Source Project Aimed at Returning Humankind Back to the Moon
The idea called Open Source is fast spreading into non-computer sectors as well. For long, Open Source was equated to GNU and Linux basically and the idea behind Open Source was never really understood properly by many. Its all changing. The idea of sharing, collaborating and having community involvement is no more a bad thing.

15 HTML5 Demos Showcasing Prowess of HTML5 Over Adobe Flash
HTML is basically a standard for structuring and presenting content in the internet and HTML5 is the newest incarnation of HTML. HTML5 is supposed to have features like video playback which currently depends upon third-party(and proprietary) browser plug-ins like Adobe Flash. And please do keep in mind that, HTML5 itself is still a work in progress and hence these 15 demos are far from perfect. But they are all you need to get inspired and start learning more about HTML5(I hope).

5 Short Yet Beautiful Ubuntu Ads For Your Inspiration
Ubuntu is already the most popular Linux distribution and probably the first ever Linux distro to overshoot popularity of Linux itself. Now, what Ubuntu needs is a lot of promotional activism from the community. Here is a few Ubuntu adverts from YouTube that I hope will inspire designers among you to get up and start working.

Ubuntu Logo

Top 10 xkcd Comics Part-1
Xkcd needs no introduction especially if you are a geek(whatever that means). It's among my favorite pastime along with those super silly games we introduced to you before. To find the best out of xkcd is hard work, I mean, they are all damn good. I started searching for top 10 xkcd comics and eventually ended up with nearly 20 of them. So I will name this as Part-1 and Part-2 is on its way. Part-2 is here.

Duty Calls

10 Beautiful Wallpapers For Ubuntu 10.10 'Maverick Meerkat' From Ubuntu Artwork Pool
Ubuntu Artwork Pool in Flickr is buzzing with activity once again. With the release date of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick getting nearer everyday, the submissions onto Ubuntu Artwork Pool in Flickr keeps piling on. Here are a few of those wallpapers that I think, are worth mentioning. Click on the links provided to get wallpapers with different resolutions.

Equinox GTK Theme + Faenza Icon Theme = Pure Awesomeness!
Faenza icon theme is probably the best ever icon theme I have downloaded from third party sources. And when used along with Equinox GTK theme, this is by far one among the best themes for Ubuntu yet.

8 Not-So-Common Nautilus Hacks and Improvements
Nautilus is the default file browser for Gnome. Most of us are familiar with Nautilus and its features. But there are a number of small hacks and some third party improvements which are not so common. Here is a list of top 8 nautilus hacks and improvements you need to know.


Ubuntu Probably the First Ever Linux Distro to Overshoot Popularity of Linux Itself
I don't know if that is a good news or bad news, but Ubuntu is going to be more popular than Linux itself according to some statistics via Google Trends and Google Insight.

Top 15 GIMP Tutorials From Around The Web
Last month, we featured some of the best collection of wallpapers made using Inkscape, now lets take a peek into some stunning works of art created using GIMP and also the tutorials on how to get them done!

Gloobus Preview + Nautilus Elementary = Absolutely Beautiful!
loobus Preview is a beautiful file preview application for Linux. Select a file and click space bar to have a quick preview of the file, as simple as that. And when I say file, they include music, videos, images, documents and everything else!

Gloobus Preview

Ubuntu 10.10 Software Center - Application That Received Maximum Attention Perhaps
Ubuntu Software Center is something we all overlooked for long. Even while writing tutorials about installing different applications in this blog, I prefer to provide command line instructions only. But a lot of Ubuntu users are new comers and Software Center means a lot to them. Ubuntu is gradually waking up to this fact and have finally started focusing on bringing a lot of polish and usability to Software Center.

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