Shotwell 0.7.2 Released, How to Install Shotwell 0.7.2 in Ubuntu Lucid, Maverick

As you guys should know already, Shotwell is now the default photo manager for Ubuntu 10.10 instead of F-Spot. Yorba has released Shotwell 0.7.2 with a number of bug fixes and improvements. The latest update is available via ppa for Ubuntu Lucid and Maverick.

What's New in Shotwell 0.7.2
  • Major startup problem when the user's Pictures directory is actually a symbolic link is now fixed.
  • Fixed potential crasher when the user's Pictures directory contains a large number of subdirectories.
  • Fixed update problem when using an external editor on a photo that was edited externally in an earlier session.
  • Yorba has also released an update to gexiv2 0.2.1 library which is a requirement for Shotwell. This update fixes a bug where a photo file with malformed EXIF could cause a crash.
Install or Upgrade to Shotwell 0.7.2 in Ubuntu Lucid, Maverick
  • Latest Shotwell 0.7.2 is available in Yorba PPA.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yorba/ppa && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Now if you haven't installed Shotwell, do the following after installing Yorba PPA.
sudo apt-get install shotwell
  • Done.