Robotic Software Platform Behind Projects Like Segway RMP, Lego Mindstorm Going Open Source

Yet another important project is going open source. This time, it is the popular robotic software platform called Urbi. Widely popular robotic projects like Segway RMP, Lego Mindstorm, Aldebaran Nao etc. runs on Urbi robotic software platform.

Urbi Open Source Robotic Software

Urbi Robotic Software Platform
Urbi is a software platform to control robots or complex systems in general. It includes a C++ component library called UObject that comes with a robot standard API to describe motors, sensors and algorithms. This awesome technology is now open source with an GNU AGPLv3 license.

We had featured some of the Urbi based projects in one of our previous post on top 10 linux powered robots from around the world. According to Urbi developers, the goal of the project is to help making robots compatible, and simplify the process of writing programs and behaviors for those robots. But the real potential of Urbi goes beyond robotics, since it has been successfully used in generic complex systems, where parallel and event-driven orchestration on multiple agents is the rule.

According to many, Urbi is also very simple to use, even for beginners. It is perfectly suitable for advanced industrial or academics applications, as well as for the educational market. The source code is covered by an Affero GNU GPL v3 license and is available for download here. Urbi promoters hopes that, the initiative will allow developers worldwide to participate in the growth of the industry's most innovative robotic software solution.

Gostai and Urbi
Gostai is a Paris-based editor of innovative software for robotics & Artificial Intelligence. And Urbi is Gostai’s flagship product which is compatible with Linux, Windows or real-time operating systems.