7 Mozilla Labs Projects You Might Not Know About

Mozilla Labs is what it name stands for. A place where people come together virtually to produce creative works mostly web based technologies. Mozilla Labs hosts a number of popular projects and involves active community participation.

Mozilla Labs

Gaming - Games Meet Web

Mozilla Labs Gaming

Mozilla Labs Gaming is the latest project launched by Mozilla labs. With Mozilla Labs Gaming, Mozilla intends to build games which is delivered and played on the Open Web and the browser. Through this, Mozilla wants to explore the wider set of technologies which make immersive gaming on the Open Web possible.
Test Pilot - User Feedback Add-on

Test Pilot

Test Pilot is a Mozilla Labs project to collect structured user feedback through Firefox. Test Pilot studies explore how people use their web browser and the Internet. If you are looking for ways to contribute and don't know where to start, Test Pilot is definitively the place you should think of. Test Pilot is an Firefox add-on you can easily install and configure.
Prism - Bringing Web Applications to your Desktop

Mozilla Labs Prism

Prism is another Mozilla Labs project that holds a lot a potential for the future. Prism is basically an application that lets users to split web application from the browser and run them directly on your desktop.
Contacts - Making Browser Aware of your Online Contacts

Mozilla Labs Contacts

Contacts acts like a huge database of all your contacts. Contact is a simple add-on which seamlessly integrates with all you local and web based address books and bring all your contacts under one roof. Supported services include gmail, facebook, yahoo, twitter and many more.
Jetpack - Make Extensions Easy to Build

Mozilla Labs Jetpack

If you are a web developer and an extensive user of Firefox add-ons, Jetpack is a project you should seriously consider. The basic goal of the Jetpack project is to provide an extensive development platform that empower everyone to create extensions/add-ons easily using web based technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Skywriter - Code in the Cloud


Previously called Bespin, Skywriter is a customizable programmer's editor, written for modern web browsers. With Skywriter, you can enable "coding in the cloud" on your website using Skywriter Embedded or on any website using Skywriter Bookmarklet.
Personas - Prettier Firefox

Mozilla Labs Personas

Personas is perhaps the Mozilla Labs project which most of you must be aware of. Personas are basically a bunch of Firefox themes which are quite easy to install and configure. There are thousands of Personas available with new ones added almost everyday.
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