Compiz 0.9.2 Revealed, It's Time to Become a Child Again

If you are long time Ubuntu user, then just may be you are also a compiz inspired linux convert, like me. Even now, I don't use a lot a compiz animations in my desktop, but I can't think of a Gnome desktop without Compiz. They are blended together so well. Compiz is nearing another major release and a lot of changes are coming.


What's New in Compiz 0.9.2
Compiz 0.9.2 comes with a ton of bug fixes and major new feature additions and even more awesome plugins. Major bug fixes include,
  • GCC related problems are solved, which means, no more random crashes, particularly on window open/close or plugin load/unload.
  • The reparenting bug with SDL applications has been fixed. This bug prevented users from using certain SDL applications, as they would fail to reparent.
  • Issue of a non-clickable region around windows with a custom shape such as Docky and Avant-Window-Navigator has been fixed.
  • Input focus is now moved to highlighted windows in the switchers, such that you can close windows and the like with Alt-F4.
  • Full list of bug fixes can be found here.
Compiz 0.9.2 Features Awesome New Animations
A number of super cool animations are coming this time with brand new Compiz. Even their names make me want to try them out. The new animations are Ghost, Black Hole, Dissolve, Flicker, Popcorn, Raindrop, Pulse and Fan. Here is a nice video showcasing these awesome animations.

Physics Engine Plugin
A new physics engine plugin which looks quite good. It is based on Bullet, an open source physics engine capable of 3D collision detection. Watch the video.

Theatre Mode Comes to Zoom Effect
This is an oft requested feature for Ezoom plugin. Theatre mode automatically darkens all non-selected items in a zoom area selection, which makes it perfect for watching zoomed-in videos on the web and the like.

These are not all. A bunch of new improvements including minimized window previews and awesome plugins like Drunken, Reflective Surfaces, Vignetting etc are also coming. Compiz 0.9.2 is nearing completion, but there are no tentative release dates yet. You can read a more detailed discussion on the topic at compiz-fusion blog.