Useful 'Open in Terminal' Option in Right Click Menu in GNOME/Nautilus For Quick Terminal Launch

Here is yet another small hack that a lot of you might find really useful. This hack adds a useful 'Open in Terminal' option in the right click menu in GNOME/Nautilus.

  • "Nautilus plugin for opening terminals in arbitrary local paths nautilus-open-terminal is a proof-of-concept Nautilus extension which allows you to open a terminal in arbitrary local folders."
  • Do the following in Terminal to install Terminal quick launch option.
sudo aptitude install nautilus-open-terminal
  • Done. It worked out of the box for me, some of you may have to logout and then login to enable this option. Nautilus restart will also do, I believe.
Thanks to Tech Drive-in reader Richard Jolly for letting us know about this hack.

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