MPV - A truly lightweight Mplayer based media player for Linux

For those who are in the lookout for a decent multimedia player beyond the usual suspects such as VLC, SMPlayer or GNOME Mplayer, and one that is also light as a feather, look no further, MPV has you covered.

mpv media player ubuntu

University Paris 8 ditches Adobe's Photoshop for Krita, Blender and Natron

Opensource tools in the professional software space are really taking off, be it Blender or GIMP or even the humble LibreOffice. Krita on the other hand is generally accepted as an user-friendly GIMP alternative which is also cross-platform. Krita, which was launched about 9 years ago, is now considered to be as reliable as the best industry has to offer. 

VLC 3.0 to come up with Chromecast support

Recent changelog published by VLC confirms once and for all the fact that the next important version of VLC is indeed going to come up with Chromecast support across multiple devices. 

Say hello to Trinity Bundle: 10 epic Steam games for Linux at just $2.49!

10 epic Steam games for Linux worth more than 120 USD for just $2.49, Bundle Star brings to you perhaps one of the most exciting collection of Linux games this year at throw-away prices. Grab your copy before the time runs out. 

game bundle linux

Rumor: A third Ubuntu Phone is in the making, US launch likely to happen later this year!

The first ever Ubuntu Phone, BQ's Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, went on flash sale today. But the limited stocks were sold out in a matter of hours. But don't worry, you'll witness more flash sales in the coming weeks (Subscribe and we'll keep you updated). And there's more. According to Cristian Parrino from Canonical, Meizu MX4 Ubuntu edition would probably go on sale like BQ Aquaris in March or April and then there is a third manufacturer (which won't be named now due to obvious reasons) whose version of Ubuntu Phones are already in the making.

ubuntu phone for US

This tiny new feature will make you love elementary OS Freya even more

'Never trust a random code or command from the web, you should know what you are doing,' we've been warning our readers for a while now about the need for understanding what you are about to do by copy-pasting and executing a random command from the internet. Well, eOS Freya went one step ahead and implemented this feature right into its Terminal.

elementary OS Freya

Bringing the power of Ubuntu to Drones: Erle-Copter's first flight running Snappy Ubuntu Core a grand success!

Snappy Ubuntu Core is a new rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates - a minimal server image with the same libraries as today’s Ubuntu, but applications are provided through a simpler mechanism. It is fast and nimble, and is finding new takers from across the industry. Erle Robotics, makers of a wide range of robotic hardware and tools that include state-of-the-art drone technology, are using Snappy Ubuntu Core as their platform of choice.

erle copter runs snappy ubuntu core

BQ's Aquaris E4.5 all set to become the first ever Ubuntu Phone! Beautiful promo videos featuring Ubuntu Phones are up too

It is official. The first smartphones running Ubuntu for Phones OS are almost here. BQ is the vendor and they will launch the Ubuntu edition of their popular mid-range smartphone, Aquaris E4.5, across Europe in the coming weeks. 

BQ's Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition
image above does not represent the actual Ubuntu Phone
 eventhough the hardware used is the same 

Material Design + Linux = PapyrOS, Coming soon to a desktop near you!

The upcoming PapyrOS is trying to build an entirely new Linux distro (based on Arch Linux) which will have Android 5.0's now famous material-design inspired look and feel.
material design linux papyros

International Space Station (ISS) switches to Linux from Windows sighting reliability concerns

From big cities to giant MNCs to drones, Linux is finding new takers from every nook and corner of the world. The reliability-factor, cost-effectiveness and open source nature of Linux are solid enough reasons to convince these massive organisations to make the switch. This story might be a bit old (2013) but nevertheless worth knowing. International Space Station (ISS) also joins the Linux bandwagon, while terming Windows 'unreliable'. 

International Space Station (ISS) switches to Linux