Indic Keyboard for Android Version 2.0 Released, Supports 23 Indian Languages and 54 Layouts

India is perhaps the most diverse country on earth. One size fits all model just doesn't work in India. With over 22 official languages (and a much larger unofficial count), software localization is no easy job here. That's were Indic Keyboard comes in. Indic Keyboard 2.0 has support for over 23 languages and 54 layouts helping India in its own way to limit the digital divide.

indian languages keyboard android

Ubuntu Spotted in Google's Futuristic "Project Soli" Promo

Time and again, Ubuntu keeps popping up whenever there's some Google product launch. Remember Google's Project Tango or that bit of news about the use of a 'lightly custmozied Ubuntu' in Google's Driverless Car project? Given its widespread use inside Google, it's no surprise than Google is an Ubuntu Advantage Customer.

ubuntu spotted in project soli

Ebuyer Introduces 3 New Ubuntu Powered HP Laptops

Now this is interesting. If you are in the market of an Ubuntu pre-loaded laptop, you're in for a treat. Just last month, Dell launched Ubuntu variants of its stunning XPS 13 line of Ultrabooks. Now Ebuyer, a big UK based online Computer retailer, has introduced 3 new AMD powered HP laptops running the latest from Ubuntu. Momentum is clearly building in Ubuntu's favour. 

AMD powered hp ubuntu laptops

3 Relatively Unknown Open Source Web Browsers for Linux that Packs the Punch

Browser wars has been going on for more than a decade now and yet, there are no signs of a let down by any parties involved. In fact, things are only hotting up with the big three competing tooth and nail to become the leader of the pack. But that's not the entire story. A host of niche players are also in the market which are equally good and sometimes even better. Here, we'll discuss 3 superb free and open source web browsers you've probably never heard about.

Open Source Web Browsers for Linux

Rightful Successor to Open Moko & Nokia N900, Neo900 Open Source Phone Pre Order Starts

Sometime back in 2011, Nokia ended its Linux program (MeeGo) with Nokia N9 when Microsoft acquired its mobile division. Much before that in 2009, the last phone with Nokia's Linux based Maemo OS was released, it was called Nokia N900. Though both phones was a hit among its loyal fans, Nokia decided to ditch both the projects and went all out with Windows OS. But some people were just not ready to let go the N900 yet. 

Neo900 Open Source Phone

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Launched in China, Coming to Europe soon

Three months after the first Ubuntu Phone in the form of BQ's Aquaris E4.5 was unveiled, the long awaited Meizu MX4 Ubuntu edition has been launched. Unlike the BQ Aquaris though, there won't be any flash sales which helped creating a lot of hype around the phone. 

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Launched

Dell's stunning XPS 13 laptop now comes Ubuntu preloaded

Dell does its magic again. Not one, but two of their iconic laptop sub-brands now comes pre-loaded with Ubuntu OS. Latest edition of Dell XPS 13 has the thinnest of bezels and its Infinity displays are regarded as the best in the market right now. 

dell xps 13 ubuntu edition

MPV - A truly lightweight Mplayer based media player for Linux

For those who are in the lookout for a decent multimedia player beyond the usual suspects such as VLC, SMPlayer or GNOME Mplayer, and one that is also light as a feather, look no further, MPV has you covered.

mpv media player ubuntu

University Paris 8 ditches Adobe's Photoshop for Krita, Blender and Natron

Opensource tools in the professional software space are really taking off, be it Blender or GIMP or even the humble LibreOffice. Krita on the other hand is generally accepted as an user-friendly GIMP alternative which is also cross-platform. Krita, which was launched about 9 years ago, is now considered to be as reliable as the best industry has to offer. 

VLC 3.0 to come up with Chromecast support

Recent changelog published by VLC confirms once and for all the fact that the next important version of VLC is indeed going to come up with Chromecast support across multiple devices.