Nautilus Thumbnails With 3D-ish Drop-Shadow Effect

If you are an Ubuntu 10.04 'Lucid Lynx' user, you must have already noticed the annoying white border around thumbnails of pictures and videos. I mean, for some thats fine, but  I always liked more of a transparent 3D kind of a look for the thumbnail border(Even the blog template I am currently using had this white border around pictures which made them look totally out of place).

Nautilus Thumbnails Just Got Gorgeous
In my opinion the current white border around thumbnails in nautilus looks ugly and old. It should be replaced with something more 'lively'.

Thats how the thumbnail looks like right now. Kylebaker has suggested an improvement. By giving his image a try, nautilus thumbnails felt much better. It gave nautilus thumbnails a beautiful drop-shadow effect with a 3D ish feel. Give it a try, its good.

How to Install the New Improved Nautilus Thumbnails Border
  • You need to download the image. Do the following in terminal to download the image and also to replace it as the new thumbnail border.
sudo wget
sudo mv thumbnailframe.png /usr/share/pixmaps/nautilus/thumbnail_frame.png
sudo nautilus -q
  • Now, if you don't like the hack and want to replace the original white border of the nautilus thumbnail, this is what you need to do.
sudo wget
sudo mv thumbnailframey.png /usr/share/pixmaps/nautilus/thumbnail_frame.png
sudo nautilus -q
  • Done. Remember, 'nautilus -q' simply restarts nautilus. If somehow that doesn't work, use 'killall nautilus' instead.
  • And if any of you guys are wondering why the hell my nautilus looks different, just two words, Nautilus Elementary.