Corporate America is Going Open Source, Thinks Fortune!

Do you remember 'Stop using Windows, Use Ubuntu instead' article by TimesOnline. Here is another example of how mainstream media slowly but steadily adopting GNU/Linux and the idea behind it, Open Source.

Excerpts From the Original Article
According to recent surveys, more large companies are committing to open-source software. How the platform went from closet to corporate.

There was a time when open-source software was the domain of computer geeks and do-it-yourselfers with more time than money. But, as Oracle's legal salvo against Google highlighted last week, those days are long gone.

The key benefit for the companies that coalesce around a particular open-source platform is that open-source encourages innovation and the rapid expansion of the market can lift all of their boats.

Gone are the days when corporate media houses run full length articles on the "viability" of Open Source and how bad an idea it is to "share". Firefox, Android, Meego, Google Chrome, Ubuntu, Red Hat, OpenOffice, Wordpress, Drupal, Apache, the list can go on. There seems to be no limit to what Open Source can achieve. And lets hope, one day Open Source will become the buzzword among common people too.

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