Boxee Now Support Live News, Time to Ditch TV?

Boxee is an Open Source cross platform media center application which is again based on another Open Source media center application called XBMC. The latest boxee comes with live news support via Livestation.

And I was wondering what else do you need. Boxee already have a plethora of applications to play with. And for me, the only thing missing was live news.

Now through Livestation application in Boxee, you have access of live news from a wide array of news broadcasters including BBC World, Al-Jazeera, C-SPAN, France 24, and Frontline among others. And of course all that won't cost you a dime.

Yeah, thats just tip of a really huge iceberg. A LOT of applications indeed. Among the applications, TED Talks is my favorite along with Open Courseware and YouTube(obviously). What are you waiting for, go ahead and get your copy.

Download Boxee
  • Visit Boxee Download Page and download your version depending on the platform you use. If you are an Ubuntu user, you get to download the DEB package and double click to install Boxee. 
  • You may also want to sign up with Boxee and share your favorite movies and shows with your friends.
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