Two Creative Button Concepts For Ubuntu By Izo Design

Mark Shuttleworth said, “Moving everything to the left opens up the space on the right nicely, and I would like to experiment in 10.10 with some innovative options there.” So if you guys are wondering what did he even meant by that, you have take a look at this.

Some Really Cool Ubuntu Buttons Concepts by IZO Design
  • So when Mark Shuttleworth said that, some people started actually thinking about the possibilities, people like Ian Cylkowsk of IZO design. 
  • He went all the way creating some stunning concepts in the process. The actually idea revolves around two new button concepts.
The Workflow Button Concept
Workflow Button allows us to focus on the file we’re working with whilst moving it through different applications as and when needed. It means you can literally jump from application to application whilst keeping the file we’re working on in constant focus, a non-interrupted workflow ie, says Izo. Take a look at these mockups.

The Upload Button Concept
"Currently, if we want to upload an image to Facebook we’d have to open our browser, load up Facebook, find the album we want, open the Open File dialog, locate the image we want then upload it. With this Upload button we can simply upload the image we are currently working on, regardless of what application, directly to Facebook. Or upload a piece of code directly to Ubuntu One. Or post an image directly to Tumblr." Thats the basic idea behind Upload button concept by Izo design.

  • IMO both these ideas are quite impressive. And if you feel like you can contribute or if you just want to give your feed back visit design by izo blog.