Tab Candy - New Firefox 4.0 Innovation That Has Every Potential To Become an Industry Standard

Though still in its initial stages of development, Tab Candy is an interesting new Firefox 4.0 feature, which has every potential to get adopted by every single browser out there. Like for example, the tabs itself were invented by Opera, and now it's a default and a must have feature in web browsers.

Tab Candy

What is Tab Candy?
Tab Candy is an interesting new tab management feature from Firefox which is still in its early stages of development. It is refreshingly new and got all the merits to be called as an innovation. Watch this video.

Tab Candy is primarily meant for Firefox power users, those who use takes the tab functionality to its extremes. Tab Candy helps you organize your tabs into groups. Then you can go a step further and can keep your tabs grouped by task. Tab Candy is incredibly useful and looks nice as well.

Even though Tab Candy is in its alpha stages, it's already looking good and easy to use. You can rearrange your groups using simple drag and drop of tabs, easily create new groups, name them by task, and even create new group by dragging a website out of any existing group. Yes, these are features in an application which is still undergoing rapid development!

How do I Use Tab Candy in Ubuntu/Linux?
  • Extract the downloaded file and double click on the file named 'firefox'(without quotes). Thats it.
  • A new Firefox window with the name 'Minefield' will open up. 
  • Hit CTRL + Space to activate Tab Candy. You can also activate Tab Candy using the Tab Candy button on the top right corner of your browser. 
  • Open some new tabs and have fun with Tab Candy. 
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