Top 10 Empathy Themes For Ubuntu/Gnome

We have seen already how to install latest version of empathy IM in Ubuntu, now lets do some customizations with its look and feel.

Dark Chat
empathy theme
  • Terminal like interface, looks absolutely geeky. And I loved that green glow.
empathy theme
  • Beautiful, minimalist.
Metal Chat 2
empathy theme
  • More professional look.
Grape's Glassy Style v1,1
empathy theme
  • Clean look, ease of use, compactness.
empathy theme
iPhone Message Style

empathy theme
empathy theme
empathy theme
  • Dark Chat theme is actually inspired by this theme.
empathy theme
How to install Empathy themes in Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx"?
  • Download the themes. Extract it and copy-paste the folder to '/usr/share/adium/message-styles/' in your Ubuntu 10.04(you have to be logged in as root to do this).
  • Meanwhile, when you extract the theme file, make sure that, you only copy-paste the folder whose file name ends with 'AdiumMessageStyle'. Otherwise it may not work. After copy-pasting the theme folder, my /usr/share/adium/message-styles/ looked something like this.
  • You can change Empathy themes by browsing to Edit - Preferences - Themes in your Empathy window.
  • Done. Have fun. More themes here