Buzzbird - Awesome Firefox Based Twitter Client For Linux

Buzzbird is a Firefox based twitter client for Linux. And like Firefox, Buzzbird too, just works. Buzzbird is fast, have all the basic functionalities and it almost never crashes.

Buzzbird Features
  • First of all, Buzzbird is a free and open source software.
  • Buzzbird have everything one would ever expect from a Twitter desktop client, well almost.
  • There are no theming options or extension support for now which is a huge letdown. But they are on their way according to the developers.
  • Shortcut keys are good and extremely useful.
  • Simple configuration menu which makes 'configuring' easy.
  • Buzzbird is multi-platform(support for Windows, Mac and Linux) and supports multi-account.
How to Install Buzzbird in Ubuntu/Linux?
  • Download latest Buzzbird from here.
  • Unzip the downloaded tarball. Goto the folder and simply click on the file named 'Buzzbird'.
  • There you have it, the latest Buzzbird twitter client for Linux.
  • Now, it is not optimal to launch buzzbird from a folder everytime you want to access it. Lets go create a menu item for Buzzbird then. 
How to create a menu item for Buzzbird in Ubuntu/Gnome?
  • Right click on the main menu (top left) and select Edit Menus.
  • Then select Internet from the left pane and choose New Item(like in the screenshot below).
  • In the command field, browse to the buzzbird folder that you have previously downloaded and select 'buzzbird' launcher.
  • Like I have done here, you may also include a Buzzbird icon.
  • Done. Goto Applications - Internet - Buzzbird and there you have it :-)
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