5 Firefox Based Browsers You Probably Haven't Seen Before

Firefox 3.5 is already the most widely used browser in the world. A lot of openness in the web that we enjoy today and that we take for granted is because of the open source browser, Firefox. Light the world with Firefox video is a nice depiction of Firefox through the years. But how many of you actually knew that there are a number of Firefox based browsers which are as good or oven better than Firefox? Here is a list of 5 Firefox based browsers you should know.
Flock Social Web Browser

  • This is probably the most popular among Firefox based browsers. Flock was my favorite web browser up until Google Chrome came to the fore.
  • Flock is a web browser optimized for the social networking and web 2.0. This Firefox based browser ditched the simplistic look of Firefox for a more unconventional look and feel.
  • Flock was one of the twelve browsers offered to European Economic Area users of Microsoft Windows in 2010.[link]
  • The Flock browser is available as a free download, and supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms.
SwiftFox Web Browser

  • Swiftfox is an optimized build of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Swiftfox has builds for both AMD and Intel processors and is based on the most cutting edge Firefox source code available.
  • If you are an Ubuntu user, you must have find difficulties in installing or upgrading to the latest version of Firefox. Installing latest Firefox using Ubuntuzilla can help solve the problem. SwiftFox can be another option since it uses the latest Firefox source. 
Iceweasel Web Browser

  • Iceweasel is basically the Firefox web browser modified and distributed by Debian. 
  • Debian Iceweasel was originated as a result of a minor issue of branding between Mozilla and Debian. 
  • This is what the wiki page say about the branding issue that resulted in Iceweasel browser. "In 2006, a branding issue developed when Mike Connor, representing the Mozilla Corporation, requested that the Debian Project comply with Mozilla standards for use of the Thunderbird trademark when redistributing the Thunderbird software. At issue were modifications not approved by the Mozilla Foundation, when the name for the software remained the same."
  • In 2006 the Debian Project subsequently rebranded the Mozilla Firefox program, and other software released by Mozilla, so that Debian could continue to distribute the software with modifications permitted, without being bound by the use of trademark requirements that the Mozilla Foundation had required. And hence Iceweasel Web Browser.
GNU IceCat Web Browser

  • GNU IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser.
  • While the Firefox source code from the Mozilla project is free software, they distribute and recommend non-free software as plug-ins and addons.
  • GNU IceCat includes some privacy protection features. Some sites refer to zero-size images on other hosts to keep track of cookies. When IceCat detects this mechanism it blocks cookies from the site hosting the zero-length image file.
  • Other sites rewrite the host name in links redirecting the user to another site, mainly to "spy" on clicks. When this behavior is detected, IceCat shows a message alerting the user.
Songbird Audio Player and Web Browser

  • Songbird is not primarily a Web Browser. Instead, it is a music player and web browser combined. 
  • Songbird looks pretty and it has a number of plugins and themes to play with. 
  • Songbird was my default audio player in Ubuntu. But when they decided to ditch support for Linux starting from Songbird version 1.7.2, I decided to ditch Songbird.
  • But Songbird is still open source and it is indeed and incredible piece of software.