www.techdrivein.com Is Our New Home (Thank You!)

Hello readers,
               Tech Drive-in is a two month old blog which have already produced some of the most popular and engaging posts out there. We have articles that generated more than 4000 pageviews in a single day, which is an achievement in itself for a young blog like ours.
With that kind of response from you readers, we have decided to get really serious with Tech Drive-in. As a first step, Tech Drive-in now have a new dedicated domain name, www.techdrivein.com. And most the the regular readers must have noticed a slight name change as well. It is because, the previous name had some trade mark issues. From now on, this blog will be known as Tech Drive-in.

Our transition to this new domain name has not yet fully completed, and it will take another 2 or 3 days at least to get back to normal. Our greatest asset has been our readers and we would love to hear from you on the ongoing changes with the blog. 

And there had been a number of issues, like the twitter and facebook share counts which is now totally lost, which we are trying to resolve. Please bear with us until the transition is complete and we assure you some of the most engaging and importantly, easy-to-read-and-understand kind of articles up ahead. Join us