Top 5 Most Wanted Ubuntu Weblogs for 2009

A lot of Ubuntu support weblogs have sprung up in the last few years and some of them are really good. Here are 5 of the the most wanted Ubuntu weblogs for 2009.

Ubuntu Geek

I hate the way content is presented in Ubuntu Geek. And when you compare it many other popular sites, the styling of UbuntuGeek left a lot to be desired. But that is where the drawbacks end. Ubuntu Geek is the mother of all ubuntu weblogs out there. Around 12,000 twitter followers and zero "returning-of-favour" speaks volumes about its organic growth. If you are an Ubuntu user UbuntuGeek should be first in your list of priority blogs.


OMGUbuntu is rather the new kid in the block, which suddenly became the hotbed of everything that is new and happening in the Ubuntu world. And those who are behind this amazing blog are really good designers too. This is among the better looking ubuntu weblogs in the online world. OMGUbuntu is frequently updated, and gives a lot of emphasis on everything that is eyecandy in Ubuntu, which is good.  Must read.


WebUpd8 is not a dedicated Ubuntu blog. It cater to blogging audiences too with lot of css tricks and tips. But WebUpd8 is among the most frequently or rather feverishly updated Ubuntu weblog out there. Around 4-5 new blog posts minimum everyday! Amazing isn't it. I mean, that is the best I could do in a week. Keep up the good work WebUpd8. This is another must read for Ubuntu people.

Ubuntu Manual

Ok, now this is rather embarrassing. Ubuntu Manual was my first attempt in blogging and I think, it turned out to be pretty good. It is sad that, I had to abandon it midway through. I gave a lot of emphasis on ease of read with newbie ubuntu users in mind. Ubuntu Manual is still a valuable blog with a lot of quality content. And I hope, I will be able to more than replace it with Tech Drive-in ;-)


When I first started using Ubuntu, the two weblogs I solely depended on were UbuntuGeek and Tombuntu. And I bet, that is the case with most of you. But with more and more Ubuntu weblogs with frequently updated content started coming out, Tombuntu slowly lost its prominent position. Still it is among my ever green favorites and has a lot of quality content.

Disclaimer: All the Weblogs listed here are my personal favorites and is far from "official". If you think, your blog is worth more than the listed ones, leave a comment and I will surely look into it.