This is not the kind of videos we usually feature here simply because of the fact that it screams "Microsoft" on top of it. But I think this one deserves it. DailyTech reports that, in the three and a half minute video featured below, Microsoft may have shown the world what it has in store for the eagerly awaited Windows 8. Watch the video below.
Atolm GTK theme + Clarity icon theme is yet another very decent theme combination for your Ubuntu GNOME desktop. Unlike the previous GNOME theme combinations we had featured here before, this one is dedicated to all dark theme fans out there.

Perfect Dark Theme for Ubuntu
Mixxx is a free and open source DJ software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Mixxx 1.9.0 was released a few days ago and this latest release adds several major new features including Shoutcast support, direct deck outputs for external mixers, and ReplayGain normalization.  

Mixxx DJ software
Tweak-Center is an idea, albeit a brilliant one, to create a marketplace to download themes, icons, tweaks etc. within Ubuntu Software Center. We have featured a number of very unique mockups and ideas before, but Tweak Center is different in a very good way.

Ubuntu has been the most popular Linux distribution on desktop systems for sometime now and according to Google Trends data, Ubuntu probably is the first ever Linux distro to overshoot popularity of Linux itself. And now, Ubuntu is steadily increasing its market share on web servers as well. According to statistics, Ubuntu is now the 4th most popular Linux distro on web servers and growing at a much faster rate than its competitors.

In this new age of social networking and digital communications, privacy became the most talked about and controversial subject. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg once famously said, "the age of privacy is over". This statement was kind of a warning bell to all those who wanted companies like Google, Facebook etc. to respect their user's privacy. FreedomBox foundation is a free software system built to keep your communications free and private whether chatting with friends or protesting in the street.

Apart from the Nokia-MeeGo fiasco, one another significant thing happened during Mobile World Congress 2011 held at Barcelona, Spain from Feb 14-17, was the introduction of world's first glassless 3D smartphone by LG called Optimus 3D. And to everyone's amazement this incredible phone features 3D video recording as well. LG Optimus 3D smartphone will be launched towards the later part of the year 2011.

I am not really sure if this is a new feature on Google Chrome. It might had been there for a long time now. But I only noticed it yesterday and I was totally taken aback. Instant-inside-omnibox is a very useful and very innovative feature in my opinion. 

google chrome with instant on
Google Chrome extensions have always been a great way to extend the functionality of Google Chrome in tune with the needs of each and every individual. We have featured here before incredible collection of Google Chrome extensions for enhanced security and privacy while browsing and now here is another collection which are going to help a lot among you to manage time better and become more productive and efficient in the process.

RescueTime Chrome Productivity Meter Extension
I had never experimented with tray icons alone in my Ubuntu before and this was my first experience with different try icons for GNOME. There is a dark and light version of the tray icon theme for GNOME and both of them looks very neat(and a tad too small to my liking). Give them a try and find out for yourself. 

Like most of you, VLC Media Player has been an integral part of my life around Linux which started nearly 4 years ago. VLC is celebrating its 10 birthday and we at Tech Drive-in wish the awesome people behind VLC all the very best for the future.

10 years of VLC
If you don't know what HTML5 is or how crucial it is to the whole future of the Internet ecosystem, you need to check out our previous article featuring 15 incredible HTML5 demos showcasing prowess of HTML5 over Adobe Flash. Here is another nice and interesting HTML5 experiment that generates a DNA structure on the fly.

If you are a regular here, you must already know that posts relating to Linux desktop eyecandy corners a huge chunk of our daily dose of Ubuntu/Linux articles. On top of the classic and most popular GTK themes for Ubuntu/GNOME we have featured here before, here are a bunch of very new and very awesome GNOME GTK themes worth taking a look at. 

Minimum Suite Version 0.3 GTK Theme
You all must be already aware of open source Facebook alternative called Diaspora. I have been using it for a month now and I am really starting to like it. Now a lot of people ask me what's so special about Diaspora, what makes it different. For that, you need to watch this "introduction to Diaspora" video by the inventors of the idea themselves.

Exaile is a very good music player alternative for Linux. Exaile is nimble and can handle large music collections without any problems. Exaile was released a day ago. Exaile is a bugfix release for version 0.3.2.

Here are two new Mac themes inspired icon themes for GNOME that demands your attention. Snow Sabre icon theme has a light and black variant and both of them looks very neat and simple while Uni icon theme for GNOME looks quiet good too. I think its time to give Faenza icon theme some rest, at least for the time being. 

MeeGo is in the news again, this time for all the right reasons. Few days ago, Nokia announced that they are going to partner with Microsoft and use Windows Phone 7 as its primary OS instead of MeeGo. Intel on the other hand is all set to go ahead with MeeGo platform without Nokia. Intel has reiterated its commitment towards MeeGo open source mobile OS project by showing off MeeGo's latest UI experience at Mobile World Congress currently being held at Barcelona, Spain.

MeeGo UI Experience
For beginners, MeeGo is a Linux based open source mobile operating system project which was announced at Mobile World Congress in February 2010 by Intel and Nokia in a joint press conference. With Nokia deciding to partner with Microsoft, the fate of Linux based MeeGo OS now hangs in balance. Or so we thought. But there is some good news for all open source folks out there. Intel is not yet ready to call it day and has made it clear that it intends to develop and push MeeGo platform ever further.

Intel to Go Ahead With MeeGo Platform Without Nokia
London Stock Exchange(LSE) has been testing its new Linux based core for sometime now and had recently set a new world record in trade speed using its new platform. The eventual adoption of Linux by London Stock Exchange(LSE) is now complete. The days of Microsoft .Net based TradElect platform at LSE are finally over and London Stock Exchange(LSE) has successfully set into live trading a new engine based on Novell SUSE Linux technology.

LSE moves to Linux
Minus desktop application was something which I had never heard about before and it even had a Linux version. Minus desktop application lets you drag-n-drop photos and files into the Minus taskbar and instantly upload onto Minus. Those of you who use free image/file hosting websites other than extensively might want to consider using instead solely because of this very interesting desktop application. 

Minus Desktop App for Linux
Almost a day ago, developer Jochen Heizmann from Intermediaware informed us about the Linux port of his popular puzzle game Temple Of Tangram. I had never heard of it before(I am not an avid gamer of sorts) and so I decided to give it a first hand try. And I got to tell you, I was impressed. It was like the top games for non-gamers in Linux we had featured here before, slick, simple and addictive, all at the same time. 

puzzle game Linux
Eben Moglen is a professor of law and legal history at Columbia University, and is the founder, Director-Counsel and Chairman of Software Freedom Law Center, whose client list includes numerous pro bono clients, such as the Free Software Foundation. His following speech on Internet privacy was among the most important inspirations behind Diaspora Project, well known around the web now as the open source Facebook alternative. 
Beautiful Conky configurations have always been an integral part of all kinds of Linux desktop eyecandy. With that in mind, we had featured here before an awesome collection of 13 Conky configs from around the web. Now, its time for a few more. Here are 6 more eyecandy conky configs for your Linux desktop that just works.

conky for ubuntu
If this is not futuristic, what is? Watch this absolutely stunning advertisement featuring all new Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" powered Motorola XOOM tablet.
Featured Comments from "Linux is User Friendly" Article
If you are a regular visitor here, you most probably would have read the article discussing the user friendliness factor of Linux. The most interesting part of the article was the response we got from our readers in the form of comments(nearly 90 of them and still counting). A lot of them are very well written and quite thought provoking too. We are featuring the best of them here. Thanks to all active readers of Tech Drive-in. This is a tribute to you all. Read on.

linux is not windows
Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" alpha 2 was released a day ago. A lot has changed with Ubuntu since we reviewed the first alpha release of Ubuntu Natty some weeks ago. Here is a quick review of the latest release of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.
Update: Ubuntu Natty Alpha 3 Released, Reviewed

Ubuntu Natty Alpha 1
This video was done by Stefan Schwaha as an art project featuring some of his visual ideas in the form of a stop-motion animation. The video was created solely using open source tools like ffmpeg, imagemagick, the gimp, etc.
GNOME is among the most widely used Linux desktop environments out there, if not *the* most widely used one. GNOME Shell is the latest incarnation of GNOME which is still undergoing heavy development. Months ago, we captured the evolution of GNOME Shell in detail and I think its time for another major GNOME Shell review.

GNOME Shell Review has always been a really awesome source of information. This one is no different. Here is a video clip that allegedly demonstrates a hacker working in a honeypot. If you are worried about the future state and security of the Internet, this video will definitely help you calm yourself down a bit.
MadBox is a relatively new Ubuntu-based Openbox distribution. It tries to cater to CrunchBang (“#!”) Linux users who want an Ubuntu-based Openbox distribution (as #! switched to a Debian base almost a year ago), as well as to users who want a fast and lightweight OS or one that will work on a slower computer without sacrificing polish.