Amazon Embraces Open Source to Compete with Google Assistant on Cars

Remember Automotive Grade Linux that we discussed earlier in detail? Well, is trying to make sure its speech-recognition/voice-assistant tech, Alexa, is compatible with AGL.

Amazon wants its Alexa Voice Assistant Compatible with AGL
Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is a project hosted by Linux foundation which aims to build a truly open, Linux based platform and framework for automotive applications. Currently, the market is utterly dominated by Android Auto and Apple Car Play. AGL, when it debuts in 2018 Toyota Camry, will be a more neutral, open, and inter-operable alternative to Android Auto and iOS CarPlay.

Amazon on the other hand is working with Nuance Communications Inc. and Voicebox Technologies Corp. to write code that makes AGL's in-vehicle apps compatible with several voice-assistant technologies (and not just Amazon's Alexa), eliminating the need for developers to make multiple versions. Given the fact that most automakers are also trying to diversify away from Google and Apple's restrictive eco-systems, this could eventually turn into a major win for all parties involved, including consumers.

Currently, Automotive Grade Linux has wide backing from major tech companies and auto giants such as Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Subaru and the likes. Toyota is a platinum sponsor and has already unveiled solid plans for using Automotive Grade Linux's platform in its cars starting with hugely popular Toyota Camry model in 2018. 

"With Alexa integrated into AGL, the process of building voice experiences is dramatically simplified for developers," John Scumniotales, director of products at Amazon Alexa Automotive, said in an email to Bloomberg. "This would ultimately speed the rollout of voice services into cars. AGL has an opportunity to scale voice experiences across the automotive industry." Read more on this here.