Meet the brand new Ubuntu Software Center in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Finally! Ubuntu Software Center (USC) has always been one of *the* most bloated of all default Ubuntu apps, I couldn't even remember the last time I used USC for installing something in my desktop. But it looks like Canonical has heard us after all. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS comes with a thoroughly reworked Ubuntu Software Center. EDIT: Apparently, this is NOT the reworked Ubuntu Software Center, but just the new GNOME Software Center. I was so excited to see the "new" Software Center in 16.04 that I didn't even check it twice (haven't seen a GNOME desktop in ages either). Canonical completely scrapped the Ubuntu Software Center it seems (not that I complain).

ubuntu software center 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: Ubuntu Software Center receives major Upgrades !

A long time ago, we did a comprehensive analysis on what needs to be done to improve the Ubuntu Software Center as the incumbent is riddled with all sorts of problems. Nothing much happened for many releases after. But USC in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is going to be very different.

The new USC has become a lot cleaner, and now acquires a very uncluttered layout. But that's not all, the new Software Center is MUCH snappier as well. The response time has improved by a whole lot which is impressive.

software center ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Since the 'Categories' section has been moved towards the bottom, we have a much cleaner layout. The whole thing became a zillion times easier to navigate because of this.

ubuntu software center 16.04 LTS

The upper section has 3 tabs, one each of All, Installed and Updates available for the apps. When compared to this, the earlier layout was an absolute nightmare. Take a look.

new ubuntu software center 16.04 LTS

The categories itself has been further cleaned up. Earlier, the USC used to arrange items in a giant ugly list format. The new tiles/grid format though is intuitive and looks much better.

What's not cool? 
A lot of things have changed, but that does not mean Ubuntu Software Center is now free of problems. In fact, most of the visual changes are only skin deep. For instance, once you click on an app, the layout is reminiscient of the old USC, except for the fact that the whole text is aligned to the middle now (see below).

software center ubuntu 16.04 LTS

And as we complained in our earlier report, there are still no app screenshots or a related apps section. But one thing is sure, the new USC is incredibly more responsive. It feels feather light and that is going to do a world of good for new Ubuntu users who are probably the primary target of latest Software Center improvements.