Watch Flash Videos in Firefox using MPV

Adobe Flash is in the news again. You might have noticed it already if you're using Firefox. The security holes that comes with Flash just can't be ignored anymore and Mozilla has decided to take action and has stopped loading Flash by default in its marquee product. But that's another news. Here, we'll discuss an awesome Firefox extension that lets you play Flash videos in your local media players like MPV.

Open Flash Videos in MPV in Ubuntu using this Fierfox Extension
If you are not a regular here, you might be wondering what this MPV is all about. It is a very lightweight media player for Ubuntu based on MPlayer. Over the last year or so, I've fallen in love with this little media player for Linux called MPV so much so that it has replaced VLC as my go-to app for all things media in my Ubuntu desktop.

Installing MPV is rather easy. Detailed instructions can be found in our earlier MPV short review. Once you've installed it, fire up your default web browser, Firefox that is, and go to this extension page:

And you're good to go. Now on, whenever you load a page containing Flash video like YouTube for example in Firefox, notice this button on top-right corner (along with other extensions) that says 'Play with MPV'. So far in Ubuntu 14.10, this extension is working as well as it says. I'm really impressed, what about you?