3 New Ubuntu Powered HP Laptops From Ebuyer

Now this is interesting. If you are in the market of an Ubuntu pre-loaded laptop, you're in for a treat. Just last month, Dell launched Ubuntu variants of its stunning XPS 13 line of Ultrabooks. Now Ebuyer, a big UK based online Computer retailer, has introduced 3 new AMD powered HP laptops running the latest from Ubuntu. Momentum is clearly building in Ubuntu's favour. 

AMD powered hp ubuntu laptops

AMD Powered HP Laptops running Ubuntu
HP 255 G3 Quad Core, HP 355 G3 Quad Core and HP 455 G3 Quad Core. Ebuyer, an online retailer based in UK, has launched 3 brand new Ubuntu pre-loaded laptops running the latest and greatest from Ubuntu. Spec sheet and price below:

HP ubuntu laptops

Now, Ebuyer is not new to the seen either. They launched their first Ubuntu powered laptops back in April 2014 (here). Seems like they had a decent response from customers. Now they are looking to expand their Ubuntu portfolio by introducing new products.

The laptops are pre-installed with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. They are also 'Ubuntu Certified', and hence no compatibility issues whatsoever with the hardware components (that includes touch screen support and hiDPI monitors). Check out the products @ebuyer.

"We are extremely pleased to be launching Ubuntu on AMD-based HP devices with Ebuyer.com here in the UK,” said Maria Bonnefon, Global Client Sales Director at Canonical. “Ebuyer.com has proven itself to be a stalwart force in the UK electronics retail space and we are excited to be aligning with them on offering the Ubuntu desktop OS to local customers. We are thrilled  by the growing success of this partnership and what lies ahead." [Further reading: Ubuntu Insights]