Vivaldi: A power-user friendly Web Browser for Linux

Web Browser industry has always been very shaky. Whenever you think the industry has settled down and ready for consolidation, new players with innovative products comes to the fore resetting the dynamics of the industry. Firefox became a hit when IE was the defacto browser of choice. Then came Google Chrome which, along with Firefox, almost pushed IE to the brink of extinction. Will Vivaldi be the next to change the rules of the game?

vivaldi web browser review

Vivaldi Web Browser for Windows, Mac and Linux
Vivaldi is a brand new web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by former co-founder and CEO of Opera, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. By launching a web browser loaded with power-user friendly features, Vivaldi is trying to target the techie elites and heavy internet users. Will it be able to find any traction in an already over-crowded web browser market, only time will tell. Vivaldi does bring some unique features though, that's for sure.

install vivaldi web browser ubuntu

Being a keyboard fanatic, HUD has been one of my all-time favorite Ubuntu Unity feature. Well the good news is, Vivaldi also has a functioning HUD! That probably is a first for any web browser. Accessible by a keyboard shortcut (CTRL+Q), Vivaldi's HUD lets you search and deploy almost anything on it. Quite an useful addon.

vivaldi web browser

Ability to take notes while browsing and add screenshots using the handy Notes panel on the left. The notes will automatically remember which site you were browsing at the time and allow you to add tags, to easily organize and find them later. Personally, I'm not sure how often I'm going to use this, a nifty functionality nonetheless.

vivaldi web browser review

This is my favorite. Unorganized tabs could make your web browsing experience a nightmare. Not with Vivaldi, claims developers. Vivaldi's 'Tab Stacks' feature lets you group multiple tabs under a single tab using simple drag-and-drop gesture.

One of the things I didn't like about Vivaldi is the fact that it looks messy and overdone with all that contrasting and constantly changing colors (Vivaldi mimicks the color scheme of the website you're in). But then, I was never a fan of Opera either. So maybe it's just me. Also, in terms of performance, Vivaldi doesn't necessarily feel superior when compared to its competition. Unlike Firefox or Chrome, Vivaldi isn't open source either. I would still strongly recommend Vivaldi to those who likes to try new stuff, and to those who loved Opera. Vivaldi has many things going for it, you might just like it. Give it a try and share your opinion with us.