Say hello to Trinity Bundle, AKA More Steam Games

10 epic Steam games for Linux worth more than 120 USD for just $2.49, Bundle Star brings to you perhaps one of the most exciting collection of Linux games this year at throw-away prices. Grab your copy before the time runs out. 

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Trinity Bundle brought to you by Bundle Stars
"All Steam, All Windows, All Mac, All Linux - Save $120 on 10 epic games in the Trinity Bundle, only $2.49!" Official list of games include:
  • Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon (Action-RPG Shoot-em-up)
  • STRONGHOLD 3 GOLD (simulation, Strategy)
  • IO (an abstract physics platformer)
  • REVENGE OF THE TITANS (real-time Strategy and Tower Defense)
  • ERADICATOR (arcade-style action shooter)
  • TERRIAN SAGA: KR-17 (side-scrolling action puzzle-platformer)
  • SENTINEL (tower-defense, strategy)
  • LEGENDS OF AETHEREUS (online action-roleplaying game)
  • SHINY THE FIREFLY (platform adventure)